Vacuum moulding

Vacuum moulding enables the customer to benefit from the substantial advantages of synthetic materials, even for low and medium-size quantities. By using synthetic materials of high technical quality, fine finishing is possible without making concessions to very strict product demands.

Basic material

The basic material consists of thermoplastic plate material in various sizes between 0.5 and 10 mm, with the option of using the colouring needed by the end-user, and fitted with fire-retardant substrates, whereby we are able to comply with the strictest fire standards. Some customers prefer to have their product lacquered. This is also possible, as we work together with a number of lacquering companies.


We have four vacuum moulding machines and are able to mould plate dimensions ranging from 200 x 300 mm to 3200 x 2000 mm. The maximum moulding height we are able to produce is 1000 mm. Our machine park is among the most modern installations in Europe.