CNC milling

In order to process moulded products, we have 5-axle CNC milling machines that are able to mill the most complex moulds to a very high level of accuracy. These machines are supported by CAD-CAM software from TEBIS, with which our machines are controlled on the basis of the drawings supplied by our customers; this ensures that you will always be delivered the correct product.

Basic materials

These are the moulded semi-finished products from our moulding factory.


We are working with six 5-axle CNC milling machines. The largest dimensions we are able to mill are 4500 x 2700 x 1500 mm. These machines can handle three-dimensional milling patterns of extreme complexity. The level of finishing of the CNC controlled 5-axle processing stations in particular will guarantee your quality image. We work with the smallest possible tolerances.